a 25th anniversary disneyland paris ticket featuring daisy duck, held up in front of the entrance to the park
Disney Park Tips

The Instagram Guide to Disneyland Paris

Heading to Disneyland Paris and want to know the best spots to snap the perfect Instagram pic? This post outlines some of my personal favourites, as well as the most popular photo spots within both parks.

Main Street USA

a picture of main street decorated with pumpkins for halloween

What better place to start than one of the most iconic spots in every Disney park! Main Street USA is the first thing you see upon entry to the main Disneyland Paris park. Featuring buildings inspired by the early 1900s, exploring Main Street feels like you’ve been transported to another time and place. I took the above picture during Halloween season – as you can probably tell from all the pumpkins! Main Street gets decorated for all the holidays that are celebrated at the park, but even on a normal day it looks magical!

Sleeping Beauty Castle

emma stands in front of disneyland paris castle wearing a purple spirit jersey and matching minnie mouse ears

If you don’t get a castle selfie, did you even go to Disney? Le Château de la Belle au Bois Dormant in Disneyland Paris is the tallest version of the Sleeping Beauty Castle, and the third tallest castle out of all the Disney parks. It’s beautiful pink and blue spires stand at 160 feet tall – so it’s pretty easy to spot! It’s located at the very centre of the main Disneyland park, but given its one of the biggest attractions, it can get very busy. I often find the best way to get a perfect castle picture is to stand at one of the fences or walls surrounding the castle and angle your camera upwards – this means less people will be visible in your photo!

Disneyland Hotel

a photo of the disneyland hotel entrance to disneyland paris

Seeing the Disneyland hotel before I enter the park is a guaranteed way to give me butterflies. It’s the kind of hotel you’d dream about staying in as a kid, and actually looks like a Disney castle in itself! It’s perfectly picturesque, even on the rainiest of days, and your Disney Instagram feed would not be complete without a quick shot of this stunner.

Hyperspace Mountain

emma wears a star wars spirit jersey and matching minnie mouse ears in front of hyperspace mountain

My second favourite ride at Disneyland Paris, and the perfect photo op for any fans of the future. Space Mountain is currently themed as Hyperspace Mountain, which means it’s currently the best experience at DLP for thrill-seeking Star Wars fans. It’s also super big and colourful from the outside, so it looks great on its own or as a backdrop to a quick selfie!

Mickey & Walt (Partners Statue)

An iconic and instantly recognisable statue for Disney fans, but unlike the other parks, it’s located in the Walt Disney Studios park in Paris instead of the main park. The official title of the statue is Partners, and was first unveiled in Disneyland in 1993. The Disneyland Paris version wasn’t created until 2002, but it is just as grand and magical to behold. I’ve taken so many pictures of this statue during my time at DLP, it’s one of my absolute favourite spots in the Studios park.

Big Thunder Mountain

a photo of big thunder mountain

The wildest ride in the wilderness! Big Thunder Mountain can be found slap bang in the middle of the Frontierland lake. Not only is it one of the best rides at the park, its also a great ride to snap in the summer! Every time I look at the picture below I’m transported to Disney in the sunshine.

Le Place de Rémy

a fastpass for the ride ratatouille in front of bistro chez remy

The first time I visited Disneyland Paris as an adult I remember my friend Chloe turning to our group and exclaiming “oh look, it’s like Paris!” as though we’d not spent the entire trip so far in Paris. Le Place de Rémy is an area of the Studios Park dedicated to Ratatouille. You can find Bistrot Chez Rémy here and the Rataotuille ride, as well as an adorable souvenir shop called Chez Marianne. In my opinion it’s the prettiest place on the studios park to snap some pics; the theming is stunning and super detailed.

What are you favourite photo spots in Disneyland Paris? Leave me a comment below and let me know! Wanna read some of my other park tips? Click here!

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